“She had a really strong attitude about where her character should go, which is good. You don’t want someone who sits on the fence.”- Chris Hemsworth on working with Kristen Stewart.
She had a really strong attitude about where her character should go, which is good. You don’t want someone who sits on the fence.
- Chris Hemsworth on working with Kristen Stewart.
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"When it’s an over the shoulder, that’s Kathryn. And she’s doing Cosimas little hand things and, she’s got Alisons posture and, she’s doing the accents with me. There were times on set where, i was so tired and i just didn’t know how i was gonna get through the day. How i was gonna remember my lines, how i was gonna even just be there and, she would show up and give me everything. I fell in love with her in episode three, we were doing this bar scene and she just woke me the fuck up… she was just so there for me."

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what’s rachel duncans favorite operating system



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"Uh, that’s a difficult one, because I guess the music—it’s definitely quite acoustic-based, and I guess it comes along the lines a lot of those guys that get dubbed "folk" and stuff last year. I think we’ve kind of electrified some parts now, and the live shows are definitely even more diverse than the record. Ah, this one’s a tough one… I don’t know. Something like "hard folk." I haven’t got a clue." - Ben Howard

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Chris and Scarlett - new Photoshoot.

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So what is it about the show that works for the audience? You have a growing audience. It’s blowing up on social media. Hashtag Cloneclub. I see that everywhere. What do you think about this is resonating for the audience?

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I saw my whole life as if I already lived it. An endless parade of parties and cotillions, yachts and polo matches. Always the same narrow people, the same mindless chatter.

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Nature Under Constraint and Vexed

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